About Me

Before you ask, yes, I do shave more often than I did at the time of this photo

I’m Jonathan Sharpe, a 22 year old from Knoxville, Tennessee. Growing up, I always loved myself a good book, and as I got older my interests grew into a love for all forms of media and what makes each work unique.

In 2019, I was given the chance to take over an article from my good friend at the University of Tennessee Daily Beacon called the Bad Movie Showcase, where I wrote about bad movies and what makes a movie so bad its good. I learned that I loved to write about the things I love, and with some encouragement from my friends and family I set out to make this blog where I could continue write to my heart’s content.

In this blog, I hope to tear each work down into its most basic form to see what really makes them tick, as well as sharing my personal thoughts and opinions on said works. I’ll be covering everything from books to movies to video games to even comics and television shows.

I should release at least 1 article a week, but I am aiming for more when I have the time for it.